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Unique Digital Collection


LilyKids NFT is a collection of 10,000 NFTs created by artists and Web 3.0 enthusiasts
It is a unique digital collection on the Ethereum blockchain.
LilyKids NFT will gain access to the membership community, get special gifts and information and participate in exclusive events.

LilyKids NFT

Lily Kids Collection Concept

This collection symbolizes the purity, strength, and boundless potential of childhood, serving as a bridge connecting cultures worldwide.
Infinite possibilities
It conveys the importance of resilience, akin to a child's ability to fall and rise repeatedly. The collection broadly communicates the richness of diversity and culture, unfolding a narrative that envelops this diversity.
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A Collection Celebrating Children Worldwide

Lily Kids is a unique NFT collection that honors the diversity and culture of children from across the globe.
This series characterizes children from various nations, intricately depicting their traditional ethnic outfits and everyday clothing. Each NFT represents the dreams, hopes, curiosity, and courage of children, inspiring positive emotions in all who view them.


Reflects the culture and traditions of children from around the world through a unique perspective.
Includes messages symbolizing the spirit of children's challenges, their strength to overcome failures, and courage.
Provides energetic imagery through depictions of children actively playing and learning.
Owners of 'Lily Kids' deepen bonds in a special community that evokes positive feelings such as dreams, hope, and curiosity.

Origin of the Name 'Lily Kids'

The word "Lily" is imbued with symbols of purity, beauty, renewal, and hope. Adored worldwide and holding significant meanings in many cultures, it represents diversity and universal beauty. The name 'Lily' was chosen to express the pure hearts and limitless potential of children.
"Kids" directly represents the protagonists of this project - the children. They symbolize the process of growth and development, representing new beginnings.

Therefore, 'Lily Kids' was named to honor the purity, beauty, and potential for growth possessed by children worldwide, alongside celebrating their dreams, hopes, and cultural diversity. This name reflects the worldview the collection aims to represent and the bright future envisioned for children.


Exclusive Community


If you own a LilyKids NFT,
you will be invited to the exclusive community “LilyKids NFT CLUB”.
You can receive and increase your favorite cryptocurrencies from CRYPTO PARTNER.
LilyKids NFT holders will be offered special discounts and early information on future projects.
Only LilyKids NFT holders will have the opportunities to assist exclusive events, parties, and cruises around the world.
LilyKids NFT will also give you access to community driven, unique and original projects within the community.



CRYPTO PARTNER is an NFT purchase platform used since 2016. It detects if the partner NFTs are genuine or not.
When you connect your partner LilyKids NFT, the purchase price is represented by 5 different tokens based on the LilyKids NFT purchase name.
80% of the NFT purchase price is displayed as the purchase price. For example, if the NFT purchase price is 10 ETH, the CRYPTO PARTNER will display a purchase price of 8 ETH. However, there is an interesting trick unique to CRYPTO PARTNER here, and the purchase price may increase in the future!
As a benefit for partner NFT holders, here are some other platforms that CRYPTO PARTNER partners with.
The Future of LilyKids


Launch of LilyKids collection
Partnership with CRYPTO PARTNER
Partnership with FAN MEDIA

Launch metaverse

Collaboration with many brands